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The 2017 reunion was an absolute blast!   There were over 100 "Garner kids" who attended this year.  In spite of some minor rain conditions surrounding the park, we managed to get get a "rain free" night on both Friday and Saturday nights.   As with each reunion, I met new friends who I now consider my Garner family.  I want to extend a special thank you to Brett Rimkuss, concession manager, who every year, turns on the jukebox for our group even though the dances don't officially start until Memorial Day weekend.  Brett, thanks to you for supporting our group event, we really do appreciate your generosity.  For those of you who haven't attended the reunions before, I sincerely hope you will mark your calendar to attend in 2018.   See y'all next year.

The Garner Park 60s Style Reunion, as it has become to be known,  originated  around 1988 where over 1000 "Garner kids" from the 60s attended.  Over the years the number of attendees has declined, but the reunions have continued.  They are always held on the weekend BEFORE Memorial Day weekend.  Generally the weather is cooler, the water level on the Frio is higher (for tubing), and the park is less crowded.  There are no invitations, agendas, or special activities other than meeting at the pavilion on Friday and Saturday nights for the dance; everyone is welcome!  

  Brett Rimkus, concession manager, opens the jukebox for our group, and we play all those old Garner tunes from the 60s and 70s.  We gather at the pavilion telling stories about the best days of our youth and do a little dancing.  Those of us who loved to dance the Whip try to remember those old Whip steps.

   Friends are made as quick as a hand shakes.  Don't be surprised if you run into an old friend you met during your younger days.  A couple of years ago, I found two old "girl friends" that I met at Garner in 1964.  We have re-established our friendships and they come to the reunions every year.  

  For some of us whose camping days are over, find a cabin at one of  many resorts located between Concan and Leakey.  



You Tube Videos from the 1989 Reunion 

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 remembering Garner in the 60s 

Welcome to Garner Park 60s Style